Salento and Onwards-A little Update

Good Morning!

I spent almost two weeks in Bogota and am not in a country town called Salento, which is in the middle of coffee country in Colombia, about where that coffee comes from that you are now drinking. It’s really beautiful and peaceful, a nice break from the big city.

Today I’ll be going with the owner of the hostel, a young Colombian from New Jersey who gave up his career in finance to move back to roots, to his family farm about an hour and a half from here, for the night, and then back to here and on south to Cali, Popayan and onwards to Ecuador.

You can look it up on a map and if you pinpoint the places I just listed, you’ll have a sense of my trail. I figure I’ll be in Quito, Ecuador within a couple of weeks.

I have found two small towns, this one and one much closer to Bogota, that would be great to settle in. The cost of living is cheap, and the places are beautiful. Both need people to teach some English, and both have whatever else I need. This is reassuring, as I will have choices. I love Colombia, and it would be no sacrifice living here. Eddy, the man who owns the hostel here, says I could support myself on teaching and continue to save some of my social security. That makes it tempting, I would love to be saving money against the time I don’t want to or can’t teach any more. By the way, both towns are very safe.

So there is the update report. Here are a few photos.


Coffee Country Photo Credit: Joanne Bretzer



The Hostel View

Coffee Country Photo Credit: Joanne Bretzer


Willy Jeeps for Hire


Saturday Morning Shoeshine


Tres Caballeros


Chica y Perro



Weekend Street Market


Saturday Evening Hombres




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