The Endless Beauty of Retirement Travel

I’ve traveled a bit in my life, but always with a set time frame. I have no grounds to complain, hell, sometimes I would have a 3 month break to wander SE Asia, or Mexico. But there was aa expiry date for my travels, and work to return to.

This year is different. I can stop at places as long as I like, and get on a bus to most anywhere. My only limitation is money. Yes, well, that isn’t a small limitation, for sure, but it only limits how I travel, not for how long. Buses and hostels, short term rentals, cooking for myself, mostly, and having photos and and the occasional trinket for souvenirs. I can do these things. I really must.

Such timeless horizons arrive a the point in my life when there is one very looming horizon. I find this coincidence curious. I know that there is a time when travel will end, I just don’t know when or how that will happen. So my travels are not aimless, or so timeless as I would like to imagine. I have a clear trajectory- arriving at a place where I want to plant my flag, or at least my bougainvilleas.

But for now I can get on a bus heading higher into the Andes and imagine that one of the small towns I land in will grab me by the ankles and keep me for a while. What remarkable opportunity. I am sincerely grateful to have my little pension, and so much time. Maybe in a year, who really knows, I will know where to settle and plant my kitchen garden, and teach the nietos and nietas a bit of English. I do have some plans for my peregrinations, after all.



6 thoughts on “The Endless Beauty of Retirement Travel

  1. I love your photos.

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    • Thank you, but the one on this post is from online, it appears in the Lonely Planet Columbia book. I neglected to credit it this time as I usually try to do. Thanks for the reminder. On my other posts, the photos are generally credited and usually mine.


  2. Can you tell u mor about Permaculture in a future post. That look fascinating.

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  3. Ooooh….I am in love with your tag line, and your blog! I aspire to BE you in the Encore Voyage! And despite what your ‘about’ page says, you do seem pretty fearless. We’re just learning to be bold on the Voyage. We’ll keep checking back and perhaps you can teach us how to just “go for it!”

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