Travel theme: Self-Reflection

Where’s my backpack? has a travel themes photo challenge this week of (nontraditional) selfies.

I have the following to to contribute:


The front camel is carrying me across the Sahara (or a small part of the Sahara to be truthful). This was a few years ago in the south east of Morocco and could even have been about this date. We went to Oasis Merzouga, as well as a lot of little villages out towards Algeria. It was Eid al  Adha, and we witnessed the sacrifice of sheep, and sat in a tent where some Mali musicians danced and played music. A Tuareg family hosted us for a day long dinner of…sheep.

DSC00187 (1)

This is on the same trip. We were terribly cold in the open Jeep as we crossed the desert. Splendid trip. My friend I traveled with had no interest in taking photos, so if I wanted to capture myself in the desert, and my Taureg head gear, it was up to me.

When you travel alone, or with people who don’t take photos (rare, really) taking selfies is a way to capture your reflection in new places. Most of my travel photos of myself I have taken myself. I know this is solipsistic, but it is what I do, and it’s my selfie.


One thought on “Travel theme: Self-Reflection

  1. Such an interesting story! I can picture the music, the ride, the weather, and, well, the sheep lol Great selfie!! lol Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do;)

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