15 Benefits of Hiking – Get on the Path to Longevity Today!

I posted this yesterday, and somehow only got the headline. Empty promises!

We start losing muscle at age 40 unless we work out. It really is working against the clock. Go to the mall and see the people who are literally declining into old age, and figure out a strategy to keep that from being you, at least for as long as possible. I swim, but I’m frustrated by not being able to hike more due to sports injuries and bad knees. This article gives some great advice. I’m going out to buy walking sticks!

Enjoy the benefits of hiking! Check out these 15 heath and fitness boosting strategies!

Source: Southwest Discoveries 15 Benefits of Hiking – Get on the Path to Longevity Today! – Southwest Discoveries

5 thoughts on “15 Benefits of Hiking – Get on the Path to Longevity Today!

  1. I have been reading your blog but can’t figure out how to comment. Anyway, I am starting a regular forum on my blog on Wednesdays called Senior Salon. It is for anyone who is retired to post their writing, art work, etc., anything that they do creatively. I would like to invite you to participate next Wednesday.

    Bernadette Laganella http://www.HaddonMusings.com


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  2. Hi, I’ll check out the reply widget/function and make it more obvious! I’m honored to be invited to your salon. How would you like me to submit my post?


  3. Thank you for sharing! I would love to hike, however it is practically nonexistent here in Miami:( I can always try walking in trails within parks nearby, though, so thanks for the inspiration!

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