Retirement, Travel and Making Do

One of the things I look at first when I go to my website is the flags of the countries from which I have had visitors. I love getting visits from afar, but most of my visits are from the US.

That would be right, as my retirement blog,, is written with American retirees in mind. I can see people being interested from other western countries who wish to retire someplace more affordable, but people from the US have special needs (understatement). The major factor for a lot of people thinking of ex-patriating is affordable healthcare. In the US, one has to consider the costs of medicare, as well as the out of pocket expenses for drugs and co-payments. “When you factor in those expenses, projected retirement health care costs rise to $394,954 for a couple retiring this year at age 65 and $463,849 for a couple retiring in 10 years. And those numbers don’t even count long-term care, which can add tens of thousands of dollars if you need extensive help at home or in a nursing home. ” Try doing that on an average of $1300 a month in Social Security, if you are fortunate enough to have SS benefits.

American retirees have other factors driving them, such as not wanting to live the US lifestyle any longer. Having lived outside of the US for 13 years, in different countries and on different continents, I have to say that being back in the US is a bit of a traumatic experience for me. I know some of this is personal and familial, but a lot of it has to do with the stress, pressure and fear that is fairly palpable these days.

This blog is focusing on retirement on a small pension someplace where there can be a joyful and rewarding senior life. This means different things for different people, but the task is finding those places, and analyzing  them to help people find that fit.

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