Writing helps me sort things out. Have you ever had the experience of writing something and then realizing you had never even thought the idea you wrote? Or have you discovered concerns or patterns you were unaware of until you went back over your own writing?

I sometimes sit down to write about a topic, and, almost like automatic writing, the topic morphs and becomes something altogether different than I had intended. My fingers are yielding to a different voice than my conscious mind. Usually when this happens, I go back and edit the intro and what ever else is necessary for a semblance of consistency, and go with the developing topic.

I’m making one of the last great decisions of my life: where and how to retire. I think I have settled on something, and, like a crow, I get distracted by a shiny new idea. Writing helps me understand better what is important, possible, and preferable. With luck, I get some feedback that helps clarify things even more. I hope that blogging will help me get more feedback, but I have been at it for a few months, and am realizing I have to engage more with other writers to get feedback.

So I am writing, more than I ever have. If I’m out and about doing things, I can’t wait to get back to writing. I’m going to have to set some boundaries, such as specific times and places to write, and that includes when to turn off the computer and just read and relax.

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