The website RealOaxaca stopped publishing in 2014. They ended with this note:

“Over nearly twenty years, we produced hundreds of “Letters From Oaxaca, Mexico”, newspaper op-ed pieces, book contributions, and “Oaxaca / Mexico Newsletters”.  In 1999, we established this web site so that we could share some of our favorite essays and photos with you. As time went on, we kept adding new writings and photos. In the summer of 2014, we decided that it was time to stop. These archives hold all the Newsletters and you are welcome to read them.”

The archives are a treasury of real and important information about Oaxaca and Mexico; the people, the struggles and the joys of being there. I wish it hadn’t ended, but I am happy to have the resource.

The author spent nearly 2 decades on the website. He chronicles his own personal struggles with health and the health care system, as well as the political and social struggles of the society. You can read about the library, and about the lives of individuals like street vendors and how the markets are structured.

Visit Stan Gotlieb at his website:

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