A Loft in Buenes Aires (or someplace)


A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post on what I needed to be able to write. I made a little survey, and the most liked item was “a loft in Buenos Aires”. It was a sort of off the top of my head thing, but there is more than a little truth in it. I’ve written about the importance of having the things I’ve collected around me, and the kind of environment they would live in, ideally, would be something like the photo above. To be my best writer, I think I need to create a sensual lair. A cool, dark woman cave.

I’m starting to remind myself of those things that make me feel at home and inspired. A few years ago I started a Pinterest page entitled Home Ideas Mexico. I sort of abandoned that page when things were going poorly regarding my Mexico plans. Now I plan to rehab it and introduce some new elements.

A garden outside, slightly wild with an English border garden gone jungly with tropical hedonism. A kitchen worthy of the name. It can be small and even poorly equipt, but it will need soul and sharp knives.

My favorite bedroom ever was small as a large closet, in a high ceilinged apartment I once had in Seattle. To make the room seem not so tiny, I lined all of the walls with deep-toned curtains which suggested space beyond. Thelofty ceiling was painted cobalt, which made it feel like endless sky. With the bedding and a postage stamp window box filled with flowers, the room was all texture and color. I have never before felt so at home in a room. Woman cave indeed.

Today I’m back in Mexico, considering all things Mexico and how they feel in my life. Asia still seduces with its siren song of desire and familiarity. Mexico has its own allures.

But the equivalent of a loft in Argentina must be possible. Wherever.

10 thoughts on “A Loft in Buenes Aires (or someplace)

  1. What an ornately cozy little corner.


  2. Oh this loft is lovely. But I agree with your final sentence: “But the equivalent of a loft in Argentina must be possible. Wherever.” 🙂

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  3. Ahh…that is a most sensuous Buenos Aires woman cave but you are in Mexico now soooo…tell me about your Mexico woman cave,,,the colors, the textures, the sounds…


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