Okay, Get your Homework Done!

I’m sitting here in the dining room of my friends’ house in Seattle, over coffee. I’m neglecting everything to sit here and laugh with people I haven’t seen in 20+ years. It’s been a sort of multi-day pajama party with lively discussion about everything from politics and society to philosophy to what from the garden we will have for the next meal. Julie stands at the stove “cooking the books” — using the stove as a standup desk and doing the accounting for her job. Christine is off for a walk (ever my professor, she reminds me to get my homework done), and the two dachshunds are snuggled in their blankets. I don’t have to be anywhere.

Time to stop and appreciate friends is the first and foremost delight of my days now. I was ready to leave Seattle the other day, and decided to come camp at their house instead. I don’t have to be at work on Monday, any Monday. I’ll do this and my Spanish lessons and answer email rather leisurely today. I have to plan my tickets for Mexico, and a couple of other errands. But this rainy Seattle day is chill. There’s a paper, coffee, food, and my computer, and some nice Brazilian jazz playing.


Now I need to revel in this and remind myself that I can continue to do this so long as I can live cheaply. Time for friends and a third cup of coffee, and a few spare days to hang out, that’s the reward for figuring it out.

3 thoughts on “Okay, Get your Homework Done!

  1. Ahhh…Seattle! I attended UPS in Tacoma and so had many visits to Seattle. I still have college friends in Seattle and Tacoma and am looking forward to Westward jaunt in the near future. Continue your appreciation of friends!


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