This next year I’ll be traveling to the places where I would consider having a home-base, meaning a place I can love, have a good life, and can afford on my pension of $1300 US a month. I’m taking an online Spanish course, an editing course, and two WordPress courses on blogging and writing. The blogging course will be featured on this blog. One of the joys of being more or less retired is that there is time for learning new things.

With the ubiquity of the Internet, this is easy. I’ve not missed a day on my Spanish course as I’ve traveled from Bangladesh to Australia and now I’m in Los Angeles. Tomorrow I’ll be in Seattle, and in a few weeks I’ll be traveling in Mexico. I suspect at some point I may miss a day, but not much more.

So, my first task in the WordPress blogging course is to write about why I write. My first easy answer is that I’ve always written, from the time I was a young child. Why, though? Well, I am the middle child of a large and fabulously chaotic and destructive family. My survival strategy was to read, and my company was my writing. I’ve continued to be pretty much a loner for the rest of my life, so writing for me is a way of expressing myself when there are no eager ears to hear my tales and my heartaches.

I write because, quite immodestly, I may have something to say. I’ve been places and seen and done things that I’ve been told would make great stories. It’s exciting and flattering to think that there actually may be eager ears, after all.

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